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Happy Friday, my DIY decorating friends! Do you have a little Friday fever going on?? We here at Cutting Edge Stencils do!? As our minds daydream about weekend plans, we find ourselves browsing one of our favorite home decor sitespersonalized gifts for dad, Horchow.? In the past, we’;ve shared how to steal the look of some of our favorite Horchow room designs. ? We are back at it again!? This time we’;re going to use Paint-A-Pillow to recreate the Horchow accent pillows we love.? Let’;s get started…;

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We strongly believe that every home should have a little glitter and gold to glam it up! So when we spotted the Harper Deco Pillow, we were instantly in love. The color combination and eye-catching Moroccan pattern would truly complete the look of any room.

STEAL THE LOOK : Did you know that pillow carries a $120 price tag for just ONE?? No need to rub your eyes because you read that price correctly.? If $120 per pillow sounds like it’;s outside your price range (just a little) then we got your back on this one! All you have to do is purchase Paint-A-Pillows’; Oasis stenciling kit and Martha Stewards all purpose gold craft paint.? The kit comes with everything you need to create one complete accent pillow.? Purchase one additional pillow and you’;ll have two designer looking pillows for as little as $35 each.

Care to take a walk on the wild side with us?? The Zebra pattern? and aqua hue are super trendy on this Elaine Smith Zebra Stripe Outdoor pillow.

STEAL THE LOOK:? Do you know what’;s not so trendy?? The $150 price tag that’;s associated with one pillow.? Don’;t let this get you down.? We’;re totally confident that we can recreate the look and for a fraction of the price.? Try using Paint-A-Pillow Zebra Stripe kit with white fabric and the turquoise paint.

Diamonds are a girls best friends which must mean that the Zander Diamond Pillow is our bestie. Thise exuberant pillow and its bold olive hue can bring any room to life.? Simply put, it’;s gorgeous.?But one small pillow can cost $90. Ouch!

STEAL THE LOOK: Don’;t hide after seeing this price tag.? You could easily recreate that pretty pillow using Paint-A-Pillow for a fraction of the cost.? To steal this look, use the Nagoya Kit with the natural pillow cover and olive green paint.

Can’t get enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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