personalized gifts for dad PLAN WITH ME - September 2017 BULLET JOURNAL SETUP

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Hey loves,

?It’s almost September! Goodness. While I still want to hold onto Summer, all of you have voted for a back to school themed bullet journal. Everyone or their family is heading back into semester, meaning it’s a great time to prepare by creating your own planning space.

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?For August I had an Ice Cream theme that gave me a lot of color and ideas to play with. By the last few pages I tried something a lot more minimal or simple, but it wasn’t really doing anything for me. It’s good to play with your ideas just to see what works or is more effective for your lifestyle. This month was fun in the sunpersonalized gifts for dad, and now we can embrace what comes next!

?In September’s section, I am going for a more whimsical?feel with how a book opens up to new possibilities. The image of open pages is reminiscent of opening up to a new world each time we immerse ourselves into stories and literature. It’s a great way to look at a new school and a new start. I personally think it’s a cute idea.

?Some ideas I have for layouts will play with more decorations. In one of my spreads I have my week across both pages organized into boxes topped with drawings of plants, books, and other pretty knick knacks. I really like having this weekly layout as it gives me an easier visual reference to plan my week out, rather than flipping back and forth through my book. That’s the beauty of having a journal though, it’s yours, and you can take your time with it. It separates you from your daily woes and puts you into a new and open headspace that you can just be playful in.

?Try including your drawings or your favorite band stickers as an example to decorate your journal. Maybe even add in new routines for you to refer to. Something I haven’t included since my last journaling are the workout schedules. I decided to play with a new layout using circles and diagrams that should clarify what workouts I will be doing, and now I have something to go off of. The more I put into these pages, the more I put into myself. Think of it as a long love letter to yourself.

?A nice idea I have is a spread based around a more positive message on how to love. There are a lot of reasons listed out there that influence our lives and world in a negative way, but not enough to care for ourselves nor send out more positive energies. However, despite the way things seem to loom and eclipse our outlook, it’s probably one of the best times for people to gather their efforts and unite for a more positive outcome. I believe if we look deeply within ourselves we can discover that all the positive things we have are the things we can easily gift to others, and as we keep the wheel spinning, a happier living will be waiting for us.

I never thought in million years having a very tiny crochet hook would prove to be an essential tool to my quilting. ?I don’t need it too often, thank goodness, but when those rare moments occur the?Soft Touch Thread pick is a tool that I cannot imagine doing without.

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