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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils fans.? Take a look at that dreary dresser and tired table.? Do they look like they could use a little makeover? Painting furniture is an easy and inexpensive way to bring a fresh dose of color and pattern to your tired furnishings.

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Today’;s furniture inspiration comes from Kandice, the creative furniture flipper behind the blog Just The Woods.? She uses one of our most popular furniture stencilspersonalized gifts for dad, the Paisley Craft Stencil. This pattern is based on the popular Indian inspired paisley pattern. It’;s the perfect way to add a sophisticated pattern to your chic decor.

Kandice is amazing at transforming old pieces of furniture. She had a mid-century modern style table by Lane Furniture that was beat up.? This vintage furniture maker is known for quality that last for years.? While their furniture holds up, it sure does take a beating. Kandice decided to give this lovely wooden table a makeover.? She sanded it down and repainted it a creamy pearl white and marsala color.? Then she stenciled the Paisley Craft Stencil on top.? She used painter’;s tape to hold the pattern in place and a dense foam roller to paint it in a marsala hue.? She painted the dovetail drawer in the same vibrant color for a surprise pop.

After her mid-century modern table was stenciled, Kandice didn’;t stop there!? She rinsed off her Paisley Craft Stencil and decided to reuse it.? She spotted this dated hall table that had a ton of potential.? She sanded it down completely and painted the legs a farmhouse olive green hue.? Then she stenciled the paisley pattern in antique white on top of the wood grain. After the piece was painted and stenciled, Kandice topped it with a hazelnut glaze to protect its beauty.? Kandice commented, “;The table features curves and character making it the ultimate conversation piece.”;? We totally agree that this hall table looks amazing!

Did you think Kandice was going to put away her Paisley Craft Stencil after two projects?? No way!? The great thing about our reusable stencils is that they can be used for multiple projects as long as they are cleaned properly.? She rinsed off her stencil and started a third project. Kandice got her hands on an all white wooden desk made by Lexington Furniture.? She hand painted the desk a creamy white color and then painted the drawers lavender.? Then she stenciled the Paisley Craft Stencil in lavender on the top of the desk.? After the desk was painted and stenciled, Kandice added brushed silver hardware for a sleek and sophisticated look.

To see more furniture makeovers, be sure to check out Just The Woods on Facebook.

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Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

An updated version of the Farmhouse style that we’ve all been going crazy over the past few years, we’re replacing chippy paint for sleek finishes, adding in some fun textures, and staying with all things white, fresh, and clean. It’s the lovechild of cozy, warm farmhouse style and sleek, cool modern style. A perfect in-between.

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