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Good morning, my little DIY darlings! Cutting Edge Stencils is excited today because we’;re going to show you how reusable our stencils can be!? We really take pride in how durable 12 mil clear plastic stencil material is. This material is strong but flexible, and because it’;s easy to clean, it can be reused for many stencil projects.

We’;d like to introduce you to Maryann, the creative DIYer behind the blog Domestically Speaking.? We’;re going to let you in on a little secret about Maryann.? She managed to complete THREE home decor projects using ONE stencil. ?Yuppersonalized gifts for dad, you read that right! Are you ready to see how she used one stencil for multiple decor projects? Let’;s get started!

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Hourglass Stenciled Master Bedroom

Her fab stenciling craze all began when she decided her master bedroom needed an overhaul.? First, she painted her entire bedroom a beautiful shade of blue similar to Benjamin Moore’;s serenata AF-535.? Then she ordered the Hourglass Allover Stencil to create an accent wall.? Maryann was looking to create a shimmery yet subtle backdrop behind her bed so she mixed a bit of the serenata AF-535 with Decoart Dazzling Metallics in Shimmering Silver &; White Pearl to get the perfect stencil color.? She says, “;I love it more each day!”;? Doesn’;t Maryann’;s stenciled bedroom look so serene and peaceful?? We think it does!

Hourglass Allover Stenciled Nightstand

Maryann tucked her?Hourglass Allover Stencil away to save it for her next project.? Which we all know can come quickly once you’;ve been bitten by the stenciling bug!? Soon after she was gushing over nailhead trim on Pinterest.? She took one look at her bedroom nightstands and decided to give them the bling treatment.? Maryann purchased a pack of 300 thumbtacks at the dollar store for her project.? She said, “;I used the same stencil I had used to paint our master bedroom wall and just traced the design onto the front of the drawers with a pencil.”;? Then with a small drill bit she drilled a tiny hole about a 1/4 of an inch to insert her tacks. In some cases, she used super glue to hold the tack in place.? Each drawer took about five minutes to complete.? We love her creativity!

Hourglass Stenciled Magnetic Board

Can you tell that Maryann is on a stenciling roll?? For her fourth stencil project, Maryann wanted to create something fun using one of her favorite materials, burlap.? She had stumbled upon a piece of sheet metal in her parents garage.? First, she folded the burlap around to the backside of the sheet metal and used a hot glue gun to hold it in place.? Then she painted the?Hourglass Allover Stencil using acrylic craft paint to add some geometric interest. Maryann had this to say about her finished project, “;It’s like a beautiful piece of art on its own, but of course it’s a magnetic board as well.”;? To top it off, she hot glued some magnets onto some paper flowers that she had crafted.? Adorable and functional, we love it!

Haven’;t had enough stenciling fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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(Video link HERE.) In addition to plastic snap together grownup legos we could make real things out of, we’ve long dreamed of big concrete Lego-like bricks we could build serious structures out of. ?So we were thrilled to find this video of Kite Bricks, a patent-pending, production-imminent component brick that is very much like big concrete Legos meant for serious construction products. Like Lego, they have open internal spaces (good for insulation, plumbing or wiring to run through them). Here’s a compelling description we found on?at?Arstechnica. If Kite Bricks are all they say they are, they will revolutionize the construction industry, and make houses much easier and more affordable to construct.