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Happy Friday, my little DIY darlings! Cutting Edge Stencils hopes everyone is recovering from their candy coma this morning because we have a stencil story that will absolutely blow your creative little minds!? Start out by envisioning your home completely covered, from bedroom to bathroom, in stencils! No, no this is not some sort of spooky Halloween nightmare that we want you to visualize. Instead today we’;re going to show you how reusable our stencils can be!? Are you ready to see how you can use one stencil in multiple rooms of your home without creating a stenciling nightmare? You’;re ready? Then let’;s begin!

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We’;d like to introduce you to Ginapersonalized gifts for dad, the creative DIYer, interior designer, and frugalista all wrapped up into one great blog called A Sense of Design.? A couple of years ago she bought a cute little cottage on the coast of Sydney and since then she’;s been transforming one space at a time on a super tight budget.? Gina has also managed to make FOUR home decor projects using ONE stencil! Yup, you read that right!

Kerry Damask Stenciled Master Bedroom

Her fab stenciling craze all began when she ordered the Kerry Damask Stencil (size small) to create an accent wall in her bedroom.? Gina was looking to create a subtle backdrop behind her bed so she mixed a beige pearlescent with a turquoise hue to get the perfect stencil color.? She says, “;I love the subtle sheen of the pearlescent paint, it adds a little sparkle to the room.”;? Doesn’;t Gina’;s stenciled bedroom look awesome?? We think it does!

Kerry Damask Stenciled Wall Art

In about a week, Gina was back to stenciling and this time she was creating custom wall art.? See, once the accent wall in the master bedroom was crossed off the list, she noticed the lovely red tiles hanging above her desk no longer worked with her turquoise and warm beige walls.? So she grabbed some blank canvas boards that she had laying around the house and painted them the same turquoise hue she had stenciled on her accent wall.? Then re-using her Kerry Damask Stencil, Gina painted the pattern a beige pearlescent color.? She says, “;I am really happy with the end result.”;? So far she’;s created two awesome projects using one stencil!

Kerry Damask Stenciled Bathroom

Next up was the bathroom.? Gina happened to have some spare time one weekend and because of that, her bathroom got a mini makeover.? First she painted some off-white stripes and then she stenciled her Kerry Damask in a soft beige.? Her goal was to make this bathroom calm and peaceful.? We think she totally succeeded!

Kerry Damask Stenciled Table Cloth

Can you tell that Gina is on a stenciling roll?? For her fourth stencil project, Gina wanted to create a new table cloth for the Holidays.? Her holiday theme was black and silver. ? First she purchased some black Hessian cloth, which is rather inexpensive.? Then she stenciled her Kerry Damask pattern in a metallic silver using acrylic craft paint. Simple and elegant! Her newly designed table cloth is perfect for a holiday gathering.

Haven’;t had enough stenciling fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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