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Scattered Embroidered Linen Duvet

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When we think about creating a healthy, relaxed home environment, our thoughts go immediately to the bedroom. After all, it's the place we rest and recharge…where we close the door, snuggle into our beds and spend hours dreaming and breathing deeply. A good night's sleep is one of the best things we can give ourselves to stay healthy, body and mind.

In fact, we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed. Here are our favorite ways to ensure that those hours are spent well:

Choose Organic: Certified organic textiles are made from fibers grown without toxic chemicals and processed under strict guidelines to ensure the finished product is as pure as possible. Coyuchi has offered organic cotton bedding for more than 20 years, and we've added natural linenpersonalized gifts for dad, organic wool and other pure healthy fibers to our product selection. These days, you can even find all-natural and organic mattresses on the market, including organic memory foam. One of our favorites is Naturepedic who makes their mattresses in the USA from 100% natural materials.

Go Au Naturel: To create our nature-inspired colors, we use safe, low-impact, GOTS-certified dyes. But for the very purest bedding possible, chemically sensitive people should look for undyed, unbleached textiles. In Coyuchi's offerings, that means anything in Natural or Ivory, including:

Down Pillows

Cozy Up to Wool: Why layer your dye-free, certified organic sheets over a mattress pad made with petroleum products? Choose a wool mattress pad to cushion and insulate naturally. Wool breathes better than synthetic fibers, too, so even in summer, it's a more comfortable choice.

Wool Topper

Lower Your VOC: Volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) are gases emitted by some paints and varnishes, plastics, cleaning solvents and other common household substances. Low-VOC and no-VOC furnishings, paints, carpets and more are increasingly available, so it pays to do a bit of research before outfitting your bedroom. Our oak beds and headboards are hand-built without adhesivesfrom sustainable wood and finished with no-VOC treatments.

Go Green: Bedrooms can get stuffy, especially in the winter, when the windows are closed. Plants are natural air scrubbers, so we add them to every room. In addition to absorbing the carbon dioxide you breathe out at night, along with the afore-mentioned volatile organic compounds (VOCS), a plant will bring a bit of mood-lifting, stress-relieving nature indoors. We love the fact that one of the very first things we see each morning, even in January, is something lush, green and growing.

Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert

I have an obsession y'all. I love concrete projects! Literally everything about concrete makes me happy. The way it looks, the way it feels, how versatile it is, AND how affordable it is. Due to my obsession I have used it several times throughout my homeandsome of my very favorite DIY projects are my concrete ones. A symptom of my concrete problem is that using it a few times hasleft me wanting more! I scoured the internet and found the coolestconcrete projects out there. From the biggest projects (furniture!) to the smallest (cute little ring cones!) there are so many fun and amazing ways to use concrete.

Disclaimer: I did not create this pattern.

This is an item of clothing which can also be made from left over fabric.