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If you are looking at organizing your home, then you should be thinking of instilling floating shelves. You not only appropriately store your stuff but also do it in a very stylish and trendy way if well instilled. Space is a challenge in most homes and if you are looking for the best way to maximize it, shelving is a perfect choice. Have you ever seen shelves that look like they are floating against a wall? True to their name, floating shelves give the illusion of being suspended in the air without any visible sign of support.MORDERN WALL MOUNT DISPLAY

With floor area getting restricted in smaller houses and with the improved visibility and access of wall-mounted storage, more and more people are opting for wall shelves. Selecting the colour of the wall shelf can often leave one deliberating over its effect on the room's aesthetics. White wall shelves are a versatile alternative with significant decorative potential. Read further to appreciate the benefits of white wall shelves.They give a sleeker and cleaner look to a room. You can store your things like books by piling up the books in order based on their writers, alphabetical titlespersonalized gifts for dad, etc. Or you can just put them just like that so people can see the titles and writers like the ones you see in a book store.BETTER SPACE UTILIZATIONDepending on your room, you can have them instilled in even the most unlikely corners and still come up with something you’d be proud of. Shelves instilled right on top of your door create a vertical illusion, automatically making your room feel bigger. Corner shelves, though mostly ideal for bathrooms, can still fill in the vacant of your lounge walls in an unimaginable, but perfect manner. Since wall hanging shelves do not rest on the floor, they leave the floor area free for activities other than storage. Though wall-mounted shelves project from a wall, they do not hinder room circulation when compared to floor-standing cabinets which act as an obstacle. Since wall shelving does not have shutters, it helps to further clearance for access and allows easy reach.LOW MAINTENANCEFloating shelves can do so much more than sitting on the wall in neat lines, you can add in some function. For instance, do you have a convenient place where you can store your shoes? If not or you just want to show them off, you should get floating shelves. Install the shelves in an attractive pattern them display your collection. You can now admire your shoes even when they are not on your feet. If you also want to give your bedroom a more dynamic and open look, you can use low shelves as your nightstand. You might end up with more usable space than a regular nightstand. Furthermore, they are more affordable compared to most nightstands. A shelf that is well placed can also act as wine storage which is easily accessible plus you can show off your taste. Whatever comes to your mind, add function to your shelves. Don’t limit yourself!BEAUTY ON THE WALLShelves can provide function, design, and organization to any room. The key to making the most of your shelves is to determine how they will be used and where they will be located. Once you have those two questions answered, you can spend time finding the perfect shelves to decorate and display your items.EASY TO INSTALLInstalling floating shelves is a breeze. All you need is a power drill to secure the shelving to the wall and a leveler to ensure they are hung in a straight line, and you are good go to. ake your shelf beyond a simple means for displaying your items and add in some function. A shelf placed at the right height can make an excellent space for a small bar. While the top of a short bookshelf will make a great surface for a bar, don’t limit yourself. Look for a shelf that allows you to pour and mix drinks with ease. However, avoid high shelves or cramped spacing.

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Small is beautiful, simple and practical! But, if you want an area in your home or complete space to look bigger and spacious, then can décor come to your aid. It is not always the furniture or altering walls that can help you achieve it. Simple, décor hacks can also help to make a room appear bigger. Below are some ideas to make a small room look bigger, without moving the walls.

Some designs are so iconic they transcend time, like a Chanel tweed jacket or a Coca-Cola bottle. This definitely applies to one of the most popular chairs of all time (and a favorite of ours): the bentwood chair, also known as a Thonet (TOE-NET). And whether you know it or not, chances are you’ve sat on one plenty of times in your life, especially if you’ve ever ventured into a coffee shop or two.

Amy Butler, the most inspiring of surface pattern designers, just launched a new online magazine called Blossom. It's full of creative inspiration and speaks to flower lovers like myself.