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 personalized gifts for dad     |      2020-03-31 13:38

Today I’;m so excited to finally be introducing you to my newest fabric line, Let’;s Be Mermaids.?

The line was released in November by Riley Blake Designs, with all of the holiday rush, I just didn’;t have time to share much about it earlier. I’;d love to tell you a bit about the linepersonalized gifts for dad, and the inspiration behind it.

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The line was inspired by my daughters and their friends. We have a pool and I’;ve spent many afternoons out on a lounge chair just watching kids in the pool.

One particular summer it seemed we had teens and tweens in the pool almost daily. I loved it. During my long hours of observing the kids playing in the pool, I started to wonder what teenage mermaids would be like.

Would they be sassy and spunky like my daughter’;s friends? Would they have cell phones (or would they be “shell phones”)? What about snap chat and insta? Would they want to sleep all day and avoid all their chores? I imagined them as bright, intelligent, inclusive, creative and just a little bit silly, just like my daughter and her friends.

(reading pillow pattern)

The idea of those fun, spunky teenage mermaids stuck with me and I began sketching mermaids during those long summer days. I designed the mermaid print first and the text print next. I included all of the funny things that I thought teenage mermaids would say to each other. It made me giggle a bit and I hope it brings a smile to your face as well.

The line features 18 prints in 3 different colorways. It also features 2 panels.? I have to say that I think the panels are my favorite! I’;ve had so much fun cutting them up and turning them into everything from pillows to bag pockets. The line also features a fun “;text”; print with all kinds of funny “;punny”; sayings.

Last May I was able to show the collection at Spring Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon. It seemed strange to exhibit so much in advance of the fabric release date but that’;s just how the fabric industry works.

The benefit to exhibiting so early is that I was able to have a lot of sample projects made from the fabric that I was able to slowly photograph all summer.

What’; it’;s like to Exhibit at Quilt Market along with some fun videos from the Portland area!

We toted quilts to Ireland and Disney World and managed to sneak a few bags down to the lake with us a few times last summer.

It was fun to think about what needed to be photographed and see if we could find ourselves somewhere near water in order to take some cute pictures.

I think my favorites have to be the ones of the Letter Board Quilt that I took in Ireland last summer.? The rocky landscape and ocean views reminded me of a place that mermaids would hang out.

There is a new Quilt Pattern to go with this line. It’;s called the Letter Board quilt and will probably get a post all of its own. For now, let me share a bit with you. It’;s called the letterboard quilt because?you can spell whatever you’;d like, kinda like those cute letter boards you see popping up all over Instagram.

(Free Motion Quilting by Natalia Bonner)

The pattern comes with applique patterns for the entire alphabet.? So you can design to your heart’;s content! The letters are raw edge appliqued and the scallops at the bottom are machine appliqued but there are no raw edges.

You can find it in the shop by clicking here.

The other quilts shown with the line are my Gingham Daydream Quilt Pattern (with extra rows added to make it bigger- more on that later).

and the Patchwork Paddock quilt. This time stitched up with a lighter background.

There are too many projects to share all of the details, but just know that ALL of these will be coming as free tutorials or patterns to the blog early this year.? So you have LOADS of time if you’;d like to start stitching up summer projects.

I’;ve created a lookbook for the line. You can view it in its entirety here.

You can purchase the fabric at your local quilt shop and online.? Just ask for Let’;s Be Mermaids by Melissa Mortenson for Riley Blake Designs.

To view stockists of Riley Blake fabric just CLICK HERE for a list of Brick and Mortar Stores. CLICK HERE for online retailers.

I have an obsession y'all. I love concrete projects! Literally everything about concrete makes me happy. The way it looks, the way it feels, how versatile it is, AND how affordable it is. Due to my obsession I have used it several times throughout my homeandsome of my very favorite DIY projects are my concrete ones. A symptom of my concrete problem is that using it a few times hasleft me wanting more! I scoured the internet and found the coolestconcrete projects out there. From the biggest projects (furniture!) to the smallest (cute little ring cones!) there are so many fun and amazing ways to use concrete.

Disclaimer: I did not create this pattern.

This is an item of clothing which can also be made from left over fabric.