personalized gifts for dad Introducing the July Bag! Plus…Fabric Flower tutorial customized gifts for mom

 personalized gifts for dad     |      2020-03-31 13:39

Whew!!How was your all’;s weekend? Ours was crazy busy…;. We had a family wedding to attend, ?sick kids needing to get betterpersonalized gifts for dad, ?and a million errands to run.

In the midst of it all, I spent lots of time last weekend doing this…;

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To make Fabric Flower:Download the PDF of the flower pattern.Fabric Flower Pattern

Trace each of the 3 flowers on to the slick side of Heat N Bond Lite. ?Cut roughly around the edges and apply to WRONG side of a piece of fabric.

Cut out flower. Remove heat n bond backing.

Press onto WRONG side of 2nd piece of fabric. Cut out around flower.

Repeat for all 3 flowers.

To add dimension to each flower piece, curl up edges and pin. Steam with your iron.

Using your fingers adjust “curling” of flowers until you get something you like. Use the steam setting on your iron to hold in place.

Layer all 3 flowers on top of each other. ?Stitch together at centers. ?Stitch button to center of flower.

Hot glue a 2” circle of felt to the back of the flower. Hot glue pin back in place.

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