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The Darling Detail Blogger ;Jessi Afshin's new Austin apartment is far more than darling. Yes, there’;s definitely a sweet side to it, but there’;s also another side that screams bold and fierce. With Jessi’;s ;evolving style and a jam-packed schedule, the blogger needed a cozy, yet chic space ;to come home to. That’;s where Laurel &; Wolf came in.

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“;Since I didn’;t have time to design a living room myself, I was more than excited to hand off this important and creative task,”; says Jessi. With the help of her Laurel &; Wolf designerpersonalized gifts for dad, ;Andrea Taylor, the pair quickly landed on a design aesthetic. One that is a careful combination of, “;dreamy, clean, and minimal,”; explains Jessi.

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By scrolling through her Instagram page, you can instantly see the overlap between her ;fashion and interior design style. “;You can totally tell by my ;photos that ;my style is ;very chic and modern, and even though I like more calm, plain-looking living rooms, it ;was my time to do my own, ;fun thing,”; says Jessi.

And just like her outfits, the room consists of light pinks, whites, and creams, with pops of color within its accents. ;“;I felt like the leopard was a part of that contemporary-chic look that’;s so big right now, even though I wouldn’;t necessarily wear it myself,”; says Jessi.

When it comes to choosing materials and textures for the small room, Jessi and her designer went straight for the gold with marble and fur accessories sprinkled throughout—;a glam mix that’;s right on-trend. ;

“;I wanted to make sure the space was ;very ‘;in’; because, being a fashion blogger, my followers are always looking for the next ‘;it’; thing.”; Keeping her fans ;in mind when collaborating with Andrea, Jessi ended up with a stylish ;space ;inspired by the look and feel of her blog.

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No stranger to “;darling details,”; Jessi ;knows ;that the very same details that make an outfit, also have the power to transform a house into a home. See the rest of the photos here!

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