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Some say he’;s a gentleman. Others claim that he’;s 99 purrrrcent evil. We’;ve heard that his fur is insured for $10,000. But if anything is true about long-haired Persian feline Descartes Wetterau, it’;s that being the most purfect creature in the room is exhausting.

Unhappy with his Santa Monica digs, Owner Olivia called upon Laurel &; Wolf interior designer Ashley Bussell to create a happy room for this grumpy cat in honor of National Cat Day.

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She chose luxurious materials like velvetpersonalized gifts for dad, gold and lucite that paired beautifully with bold palm wallpaper. Mouse taxidermy was perfectly lit by a golden Sputnik chandelier, reminding all visitors who’;s boss. Since a rug really makes the room, the space was tied together with a high-pile Moroccan-inspired carpet that ensured his pretty paws got the royal treatment. ;

Although Descartes was displeased with some of the bolder design elements (he really prefers solids over patterns and hates embroidery), he willingly lounged upon the tufted velvet chesterfield. He claims that his fur is much softer than the accent sheepskin throw and cannot confirm nor deny that it will offer an extra layer of softness. Especially on days when he feels particularly lazy and chooses to watch a few episodes of his guilty pleasure, Everybody Loves Raymond.

Not being your average furball, Descartes refuses the idea of simply being incorporated into his owner’;s home. He feels as though the house, should instead, revolve around him. This aristocat hates carpeted scratch posts and the false feline stereotypes set forth by the Jim Davis comic strip, “;Garfield.”; Therefore, the main requirements for his cat castle were a minimal surface to set his favorite reads upon and a reliable reading lamp.

Whether he’;s lying on his velvet throne or sticking his whiskers into a light read like Niccolo Machiavelli’;s The Prince, this proper pussycat gives his new happy place a hiss of approval. We think that’;s his way of saying it’;s the cat’;s pajamas.

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