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I have declared myself the queen of iron on transfers. Home Decorating with Iron On Transfers makes it easy to change things up for each season, inexpensively and quick.

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I’;ve done pillows for the holidays, dish towels?, book bags and now I’;m doing this dining room linen table runner for summer.

I love bees and I love linen. I found this simple linen table runner on sale and knew I had to add my own mark, add my own personal style. I thought it would be perfect for my distressed Kathryn Hepburn table! ?(yespersonalized gifts for dad, she once owned it!)

Supplies Needed:

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I use either Jolee’;s or Avery’;s Iron on transfer papers. ?

I find them at my local craft or office supply store. I’;ve never experimented with the transfer sheets for dark colors, but I have tried using a dark colors transfer sheet on light colors and it does not work. It’;s a complete different method. You’;ll need the iron on transfer sheets for light colors for this project.

I find all my graphics from Karen at The Graphics Fairy. I’;m sure there are others out there, but I know I’;ll find something I like on her site. And it’;s free and simple to download. ?I searched for insects and botanicals, not really knowing which I wanted. When I saw the bee, I was sold. It was simple, not overly busy and timeless.

Following the directions on the iron on transfer sheet package, print out your image. Trim your graphic and place face down on the item you want to transfer it too.

Apply a hot iron with NO STEAM. Press and iron firmly. I iron firmly for about 30 seconds. If you’;re working with material that may have polyester in it, watch for over doing it. The fabric will turn yellow (burnt).

After you’;re finished, let it cool. This is when I have a hard time leaving it alone. I want to see it NOW! But I’;ve learned that the image is applied better when allowed to cool. Plus…;…; don’;t burn your fingers, because that paper is super hot.

When it’;s cool, gently peel the paper away from your material.

Look at that! I never get tired of it! The possibilities are endless on where you can use this method.

I created a set of?napkins too?using a Rose or Peony graphic. ?So simple.

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Bacteria, or cleaning products with toxic chemicals? Hmmmm. Tough choice. But, really, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many non-toxic cleaning products available in health food stores and even in supermarkets – although you do have to watch the labels carefully in the supermarket products – some say ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ but have simply had something organic or natural added to them, without eliminating the toxic ingredients.

The general consensus among Amazon reviewers and postpartum doulas I spoke with was that the Moby Wrap is the most comfortable and supportive for a newborn baby. Unlike the Baby K’tan I was using before, which allowed my baby’s head to wobble around, the Moby Wrap hugged us both firmly in all the right places and supported my newborn’s head as I ran chores around the house. I never felt like it was anything but fully secure. Also key: The long fabric could easily be adjusted so that my husband and I could both use the same wrap.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you an easy version of my reading pillow pattern. It’s one of my favorite tutorials on this site and I’ve been asked many times to create a simplified version of the pillow. This tutorial is beginner friendly and is also great for kids who are learning how to sew.