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 personalized gifts for dad     |      2019-09-12 02:11

?Hello, everyone!

?Veronika Galenko?here with you today with my card.??I am sure that everyone of you loves?berries. And hope your summer was very fresh! Because in our native country Russia we have a lot of summer berries:?raspberry,?strawberry, blackberry,?strawberrypersonalized gifts for dad,?blueberry.?Of course, in winter we have frozen berries, but they are cold and not so tasty as in summer, so this summer, I made a rustic inspired card with favourite berries and, of course, it is very easy when you have a lot of kraft papers from Canvas Corp.

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For my card I used:Canvas Corp Bulk Kraft Paper 80# Canvas Corp Burlap Sheet –; Yellow Flowers, yellow shabby ribbon, badge with berries, The Robin’;s Nest dew drops, some dies and Big Shot die cutting machine

First of all I prepare all matherials, that I will need:Cut from the?Canvas Corp Bulk Kraft Paper 80# ?leaves and berries, and, of course,?Canvas Corp Burlap Sheet –; Yellow for the background of my card.

Step 1 –; Add a central picture with berry

Step 2 –; I made a wild forest near my central picture with berry

Step 3 –; Add a kraft berries to card

Step 4 –; Add paper flowers

Step 5 –; Add a badge with berries and The Robin’;s Nest dew drops

Step 6 –; I think I have an empty place down the card and decided to add a yellow shabby ribbon

And here is a result.

Happy and fresh summer to all!


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