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The kids are going back to school, and that means it’s time to get prepped for packed lunch success. Take a look at a few of our top tips and make the morning routine a little easier, and hopefully make your kids midday meals a little happier.

Pick a fun, easy to identify bag or box your little one will be proud to carry. There are plenty of bright colours, patterns and popular characters to choose from. Most kids lunchboxes will include an area to mark their name and class numberpersonalized gifts for dad, so don’t forget to use it! There’s always the chance someone else at school might have the same or a very similar bag/box and you don’t want any mix-ups!

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If there’s no fridge facility at school, a cool bag with an ice pack inside is essential for freshness. The ice pack will form condensation inside the bag, so wrap sandwiches or anything that can get soggy in a sandwich bag. Sealable sandwich bags are also good to containing potentially smelly foods.

Use a hard-cased sectioned lunchbox to protect squashable foods like bread, grapes and cherry tomatoes. This will also help to organise portions of snacks and cut down on unnecessary additional wrappings like sandwich bags, foil, clingfilm.

Kids can be fussy, so protect fruit from damage to save them being rejected on the grounds of bruising or splitting.

Make sarnies more interesting with a sandwich cutter. Our butterfly cutter is made just for this, but cookie cutters will do the same job.

Choose a generous water bottle for all-day use. Hydration is very important for health, learning and attention spans, so make sure your child has water with them throughout the day, not just a juice box at lunch time.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, use the food to create characters, scenes and pictures. Faces, animals, flowers etc. (…;this might be a bit too much for us, and we don’t have the photography to support, but thought I’d include it anyway as they’re amazing! Well worth a google and a think!)

Shop all lunchboxes >;

I have a pile of tees from various road races and have always said that I'll turn them into a tshirt quilt... but that may never happen, so I'm doing the next best thing and upcycling them into market bags to take to the farmer's market!? This is an easy project that's so low sew that you could even do it by hand if you wanted to (or maybe "have to" because you don't have a machine). P.S. If you're like me and hate to waste anything, check out my dog toy tutorial?to use up the scraps from this project ;-)

Valentine Treats are easy with Heart Shaped Brownies!

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