personalized father's day gifts “NO-SEW LOVE” is officially released! …, a 5 BOOK ( other goodies) GIVEAWAY! pillow case baby

 personalized father's day gift     |      2020-03-04 06:37

I can’;t believe it…;…;.’;No-Sew Love’; is officially released TODAY, August 5th!!!!?

accent pillow case baby burlap sofa

And on shelves.?

And ready to be shipped out (even though many have already received their books).

***Click any of the links below to order.

I have joked that this book has been my 2nd baby of the summer (here’;s the 1st one, baby Oliver)…;…;but the gestation period for this whole book process has been killer!? Good thing human babies don’;t need years to cook like this book has —; or we would have a world full of completely ornery pregnant women!

But, joking aside, it was all worth it to see this sweet thing completely finished.? All 256 pages of her!

In case this if the first time you’;re seeing any mention about my very first book (which contains?50 step-by-step photographed projects, all constructed without sewing one single stitch)personalized father's day gifts, there’;s a whole lot more about No-Sew Love, here.

Inside the book, I share my very favorite supplies for creating the projects within the book.? Here are some of the most used items, all available at craft and fabric stores (and even online). No secrets here (and no, none of these are sponsored)…;.just a few brands that I have had the most success using.

?. . . . .

Anyway, if you already own ‘;No-Sew Love’;, I’;d love to hear what you think.? And if you’;ve made anything, SHOW ME!? me a picture, tag me on Instagram (@makeitandloveit), or send me on message on Facebook.

Oh, and if you buy the book from Amazon and would like to leave a customer review, I would LOVE that!? You can do that here.? (Just scroll down to the “;review”; section.)? Matter of fact, most online retailers have a “;review”; section.? So if you have a second, share what you think! :)

. . . . .

Okay, now for a little fun!?

I’;m giving away 5 copies of ‘;No-Sew Love’;…;…; lots of other goodies that I gathered up!? Because if I were to give this book away as a gift (which is exactly what I will be gifting for all upcoming Christmas/birthdays/annivesaries/etc), this is what I would give right along with the book.? You know, to make it more complete! :)

The extras are some of my favorite (and most used) ‘;No-Sew Love’; supplies…;…;and will surely help you out as you try a few projects from the book!

1 one of you will be receiving the mother-load…;…;..a copy of “;No-Sew Love”; PLUS 10 extras!!

2 of you will be receiving…;…;..a copy of “;No-Sew Love”; PLUS 3 extras!!

And 2 of you will be receiving …;…;..a copy of “;No-Sew Love”; PLUS 1 extra!!? (This is my very favorite no-sew adhesive.? And is way better than any other brand you’;ll try.? Promise. :) )

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And thanks again for all the love and encouragement while writing this book.? It has sure been a journey…;…;.but the support (and virtual hugs and high-fives) has been incredible.? And really uplifting.? So, thanks again for hanging in there while I was busy editing trillions of pictures.? Okay, that’;s an exaggeration…;..maybe just millions! ;)

Now just give me one little second while I Iet out a big ol’ sigh of relief!? So happy to see this whole concept come together as one complete book.? Ahhhhhh……it’s FINISHED!

And good luck with the giveaway!?


Wow!? I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones but I’m feeling extra sappy and grateful for our country this week.? Especially for servicemen/women who choose to protect our country and secure our freedom.? That cannot be an easy thing to do.? Even though our country has turmoil and drama and issues of every kind…..I really love the foundation of America….and all it stands for.? It makes my heart swell!?

Hi there!?Lee here from Freshly Pieced. As anyone who’s ever taken one of my classes can?tell you, I love?foundation paper piecing. I love the accuracy, and I love the complex, interesting designs this technique allows you to create. In fact, it’s one of my missions in life to convert the whole sewing world to my paper piecing ways. So I’m here today to give you my absolute favorite paper piecing tip ever. It’s so?beautifully simple you’ll probably think it’s too good to be true. But it’s?100% for real!

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