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I’;m not sure if we’;re alone in this or not…;…;but our master bedroom is always the dumping ground for anything in this house that needs to be hidden (you know, from company, ha!) or if someone doesn’;t know where something goes while cleaning up.? And let’;s not forget to mention the location for the baskets of clean laundry that need to be sorted and put away.? Oh my word, the laundry that never ends.? I would really like to stop this trend, so I’;ve been really trying to spruce up our master bedroom so it is more of an inviting place.

With the most recent Michaels Makers challenge, we were asked to personalize a space in our home…;…;and I knew I wanted to do something fun with our master bedroom, that we haven’;t done a single thing with since moving in almost a year ago.? Sopersonalized father's day gifts, just this past week, we crowned our little safe haven with a fun little “;Mr &; Mrs”; wall display above our bed.? Oh, yes we did!

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I know a bedroom is supposed to be calm and relaxing, so that’;s why the room is mostly blue and grey.? But if you know my husband Steve and I at all, you know we like little pops of happy in our home.? And this display definitely makes us smile.

The letters are simple canvas letters that can be painted (in case you have a different color scheme going on)…;…;but I left ours white.? And the ampersand is a huge corrugated piece of metal that is intended to be a magnetic photo display.? I was going to paint it a completely different color but once I hung it up, I fell in love with that bright aqua up on the wall.

The whole display is large but it fills the wall perfectly, especially since we don’;t have anything else hanging up right now.

Even though there’;s an occasional “;bad-dream-stow-away”; that may sneak under the covers during the middle of the night…;…;this space is dedicated to the MR &; MRS of the house.? And I kinda like it that way! :)

And as for a tutorial, there isn’;t one.? Because all I did was hang these letters up on the wall.? But maybe the display will inspire you to add something a little more personalized to your decor.? Michaels has SO MANY letters of all different shapes and sizes right now, but what surprised me more, was how many different materials.? They have plain wood letters, painted letters, all sorts of metal letters, canvas letters (which are what I used), mirrored letters, floral letters, mesh letters, and on and on…;? Oh, and I serached online to try and link you to the exact letters I used but for some reason, I couldn’;t find them.? (So head on over to a store…;.you’;ll find them, they are a new product right now.)? But here’;s a sampling of some of the other types of letters they have right now.? Just think, you can spell out a child’;s name in their room, a short quote on the wall, a favorite sport team, a family focus word, the letters L-O-V-E up on the mantel…;…;or anything at all!

Oh, and that large metal ampersand can be found HERE.? (It says it’;s $49 but mine was on clearance for $20 at my store and then I used a 20% off everything coupon and got it for $16.? Not bad at all!)

Anyway, winter months always get me thinking of ways to love on my home a little more…;.so its been on the brain lately.? Maybe you’;ve been doing the same?

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