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Hello, my lovely Cutting Edge Stencils fans! Are you having a hard time choosing the perfect stencil design but there are just too many tile stencil options to pick from? Create your dream tile floor using TWO gorgeous tile stencil patterns from Cutting Edge Stencils! We have the perfect stencils for painting so you can mix and match paint colors and stencils to create your own trendy floor pattern. Check it out:

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Before we begin?stenciling, let’s make sure your floor is?prepped?and ready to go! No need to stress, preparing your floor is?easy?and doesn’t take long at all. Firstpersonalized father's day gifts, sweep away any dirt that may be on the surface of your floor. Follow up with a mop and some good cleaner to ensure that the floor is?clean. Tape off the bottom of your?wall?or?baseboard?with blue painter’s tape. Then, apply a good?adhesive primer?such as Stix. You can use a quality?tight nap roller?or even a foam roller for this. After the primer has fully dried you can apply your?base coat. Allow this to dry for a full twenty-four hours. We wanted a bright base, so we chose our favorite?Benjamin Moore?Navajo White?as our base coat color. For all of the?supplies?used on this?stencil project, check the list below:

You can also purchase an easy “;2 in 1”; Paint and Primer to help the stenciling process go quicker. This step is optional but be sure to use Matte or Flat finish if you go in this direction. Here, we chose Behr Premium Paint &; Primer In One!

First you’ll begin by placing your Nola Tile Stencil on the center of your floor. For extra adhesion, you can apply spray adhesive to the back of the?stencil?before placing it on the floor.?Spray adhesive?can also help reduce paint seepage from underneath the?stencil!

Evenly?coat?your?professional stencil brush?with paint and?offload?any excess paint onto a paper towel. This is one of the most?important?steps when it comes to?stenciling! The number one mistake is having too much paint on your?stencil roller?or?brush. The goal is to have your?stencil roller?evenly covered with paint but to be almost?dry?to the touch. For more in-depth instructions, check out our?How To Stencil?section on our website!

With a professional?stencil brush,?gently pounce the brush?up and down?to achieve full coverage. Start from inside openings and work your way out!

To continue the pattern along the surface, align the?tile stencil?using the built-in?registration marks?and the previously?stenciled parts of the design. This system makes?stenciling?effortlessly easy!

Continue the stenciling process with the Nola Tile until the entire surface is complete!

The second step for this design involves some creativity! We fell in love with the star pattern of the Jewel Tile and figured out that the outer stars are 8 8/16 inches across which would fit perfectly in the open area of the Nola tile (which equals out to 8 10/16 inches). The best part about our stencils is that they are super versatile and can be altered in any way to get the look you desire! Now, place the Jewel Tile stencil in the center of the Nola Tile Stencil.

Play around with color choices and choose the best to fit your home! With a 3/4 professional?stencil brush,?gently pounce the brush?up and down?to achieve full coverage of the stars.

Continue these steps with the Jewel Tile Stencil until all open spaces are complete!

Last, you’;ll want to seal?your stenciled masterpiece with?2-3 coats?of?water-based polyurethane. This will provide?durability?for years to come!

Ta Da! We are in love with how our trendy floor makeover came out using TWO tile stencils! Wow!

Can’t get enough of Cutting Edge Stencils:

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!

Welcome back, Cutting Edge Stencils, DIY-ers! We have had the privilege of teaming up with the wonderful?Modern Masters to design our very own nursery using their gorgeous metallic paints and our amazing Chinoiserie stencils! We have used Modern Master’s paints in past projects because of how beautiful they come out and knew that we could not turn down the opportunity to collaborate with them! Using some ideas found from Pinterest 100 trends and some of our own creations, we have come up with this Sage Chinoiserie Stenciled Nursery! Sage is found everywhere in homes, whether its on walls or added in by accent home decor. This room is perfect for a new born with it’s calming colors and trendy stencil design! We have created 3 separate stenciled projects for this room that anyone can do at home! They are simple and definitely budget friendly! We are so excited to share with you this amazing Modern Masters and Cutting Edge Stencils Nursery. Let’s start stenciling!

Pick one of these designs, grab a brush, and start your next makeover underfoot.

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