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We all like to keep-up with the latest interior design ideas and trends and yet unless you can choose furnishing fabrics with confidence you may find that you soon tire of the zesty lime green that you loved within a couple of years. Choosing colours and patterns that will last is the best way to love your home and not spend your time and money re-decorating.

Of course, with the availability of cheap curtains and other soft furnishings re-decorating frequently isn't as much as an obstacle as it used to be. You can buy curtains online, or duvet cover sets and fabrics in the colours and patterns hitting the trend 'must haves' every year to keep your home looking and feeling fresh and new.

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Howeverpersonalized father's day gifts, there are a couple of tips to choosing furnishing fabrics that you may like to take on-board. Firstly choose soft furnishings in a colour which are either slightly lighter or darker than your walls. Trying to get a perfect match will only lead you exasperated and frustrated – which undoubtedly will have you loathing the room before it's even completed!

Secondly choose a pattern or design which is a timeless classic with a modern twist; for example stripes and checks have been used successfully for years, all that has changed is the width of the stripes and the colour combinations. Today's striped fabric include irregular width sizes of the stripes or edges which aren't plumb straight, which give a less formal look and appearance to suit modern living spaces and lifestyles.

You should also try and get the scale of the pattern correct – the old view (which has stood for many, many years with in the world of interior design) that small patterns should only be used in small rooms and larger patterns in large rooms has been turned on its head.

Designers are now saying that small rooms can take large patterns just as long as they are the right colour hue or shade. Likewise, small ditzy patterns which were once restricted to smaller rooms can now be used in large rooms, especially if they are teamed with other larger prints and patterns to balance the scale out.

Texture is another interior design aspect which shouldn't be overlooked. Using fabrics with different textures will help to give depth and character to a room. Mixing smooth with rough, for example soft cotton blends for curtains or bedding with sisal or Hessian for rugs, and your rooms will look stylish and chic as well as being practical and affordable.

Learning?the art of upholstery and re-covering?furniture?is one step in the DIY direction that can be pretty intimidating. Going for a simple shape is a great place to start and get your feet wet before tackling a more complicated project like a chair or headboard.

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