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It may be an old cliché, but for many the kitchen is still the heart of the home. The place where food is prepared, and sometimes served, as well as being the place to make coffee for friends or simply collapse at the end of the day! The days of women being the 'keepers' of the kitchenpersonalized father's day gifts, have thankfully, long gone.

Today all members of a family use a kitchen as a 'base' for making food or drinks or having friendly chats to partners or parents. If you're kitchen needs a little TLC we have 7 tips to help you breathe a new lease of life into your tired looking kitchen.

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Kitchen windows need dressing in much the same way as any other window in your home. Today kitchen curtains are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Bistro style kitchen curtains can provide a relaxed and informal look to a kitchen, while traditional wooden blinds are ideal if your kitchen window is overlooked by neighbours.

We're not only talking about using the colour green for walls and curtains, we're also suggesting that you use green plants to give a healthy look to your kitchen. Potted herbs sitting on your window sill are functional and as well as decorative.

Kitchen floors don't have to be bland and boring, however, they do have to be practical, a cost effective way of bringing your kitchen floor up to-date is to use rugs which have been specifically designed for kitchens – they are easy to clean and typically have an anti-slip backing, if they don't you can also add anti-slip backing yourself.

Changing kitchen cupboard handles is an easy way to give a new look to your kitchen. Go for antiqued brass for a more traditional look or polished steel for a more modern look.

Bold colours will only really work well if you have a spacious kitchen. For the majority of us just one wall is sufficient. You can also use bold colours for your accessories, curtains and kitchen ware.

Nothing shows an out-dated kitchen more than strip lighting! Change fluorescent tubes for spot lights which can be angled to light specific areas of kitchen, such as the cooker and work surfaces.

If you're stuck for kitchen interior design ideas use a theme. It's best to use a theme which suits the style and character of your home; for example if you live in a Victorian home displays of Victoriana will be in keeping and give a quaint face-lift to your kitchen.

The monsoons are now truly underway and if you haven’t already, you must start with the necessities right away (although you’re probably already damp now).

Curtains define the look and feel of a room. They are central to the room decor, to the extent that the moment you enter a room, your attention immediately draws towards those drapes. It is way more than a mere dressing for your window. So, having them harmonized with the wall colours is essential to give a coordinated and well-thought off look and feel.

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