personalized father's day gifts Summer Interior Design Tips- 6 Tips to Making Dark Rooms Appear Lighter funny cushion covers

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We aren't all fortunate enough to have rooms which are light, bright and airy and this isn't because the rooms are decorated in dark colours – sometimes natural light struggles to provide enough illuminationpersonalized father's day gifts, for example in north facing rooms and other restrictions such as renting a property can also mean that our homes can look dark and sombre. However, help is on the horizon and we're going to share tips with you suggesting ways to brighten even the darkest of rooms.

I put a lot of effort into making sure my home smells nice. Finding Natural Ways to Deodorize your Home doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming, but it can be sad to let go of some of your old favorites. I love using candles and plug-in wax warmers, but sometimes those can carry toxins into the air, it’s true.?

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Bit of a backstory before we begin. I enjoy up-cycling and making my own clothes when I have time, but I've had plenty of mishaps in making my own pattern pieces and ending up with garments not fitting right or not having the shape or cut I originally had in mind. Draping is a technique that is used to solve this problem which involves making pattern pieces with scrap fabric laid onto a dress form. However, buying a pre-made dress form was a bit difficult and quite expensive, so in order to save a bit of money, I decided to make my own.