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Good morning, Cutting Edge Stencils fans!? Painting Parties are a social rage right now.? It’;s a special way to celebrate a birthday, strengthen camaraderie between workmates, enjoy a night out with your spouse, or get some good ole’; fashion girl time in!? You don’;t have to be an artist to enjoy and everyone leaves with a smile on their face.? Now if you’;ve been thinking WOW a painting party sounds like an awesome idea and since I love crafting, I wish I could host one of these or maybe you want to attend a painting party but not with 50 people you don’;t know the Cutting Edge Stencils would love for you to consider hosting a Paint-A-Pillow party.? Using the Paint-A-Pillow party packpersonalized father's day gifts, you can in fact start your own mini-painting party business.? Today we’;re going to take a look at two creative gals who did just that!

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We’;d like to introduce Tammy from A Brush With Laughter.? She’;s a super creative gal with a brush and a dream.? Tammy loves painting and socializing so it was love at first sight when she attended a Paint-A-Pillow party.? That’;s when she decided to host her own party.? The first thing she did was secure a location, MaryAnn’;s Gourmet Marketplace in Mahwah, and a date.? Then? she started socializing her event.? Soon enough she had about 18 people signed up to attend her party.? Each one of the attendees was asked to visit the Paint-A-Pillow website ( to select their stencil pattern, type of cover, and paint color.? The night of the event, Tammy set up her work stations so that people could work in small groups.? She also created a table with additional supplies that was available for purchase.? This function was BYOB but Tammy had coordinated with MaryAnn’;s to serve finger foods for sampling.? Once she got all of the attendees started on their project, she circulated around the room to answer questions and assist. As the two hour event came to an end, guests were happily flaunting their DIY accent pillows.

Next, we’;d like you to meet Sandra Pazienza.? She’;s also a very crafty woman who fell in love with the idea of hosting her own Paint-A-Pillow party. She decided to hold the event at Markham Train Station in Ontario, Canada.? After socializing the party, Sandra had about 16 people sign up.? Each person was able to select their stencil pattern, type of cover, and paint color.? It was a two hour painting party and as you can see each person left with not only a custom painted pillow but also a huge smile!

Now if you plan on hosting a party, we suggest you watch these videos before your guests arrive.? And keep in mind that the party pack kit comes with everything for six people to complete the project including the frames, stencil, pillow cover, pillow inserts, fabric paint, roller, a brush, and a paint tray.? As with any event, we are willing to help customize the party pack to meet your needs.

Don’;t forget to snap some pictures of your happy painters as they leave with their custom painted accent pillows!

Tell us: Would you consider hosting a Paint-A-Pillow craft party? Leave us a comment below!

Looking for more Paint-A-Pillow fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Paint-A-Pillow Team

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