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Stencils are great for beginners and can be used in so many different ways. Sarah Ortega used the Zinnia Grande flower stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils for four adorable craft projects and she had never stenciled before! Hopefully you enjoy these flower stencil craft projects as much as we do and will see how many different options you have for your own stencil projects. You can buy the Zinnia Grande flower stencil for only $13.95 and get so many uses out of it. Cutting Edge Stencils offers a variety of inexpensive stencils for your low budget craft projects but maintains high quality for completely reusable products!

Sarah shows how easy it is to stencil and capitalizes on the fact that our stencils are reusable with her four projects. Don’;t you love her adorable wall art piece and her stenciled box? Both of these projects are great for beginners and add the perfect touch of color and pattern to any space.

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You can also stencil clothing! This adorable flower stencil jumper makes such a great gift and you can pick any paint color you want. Cutting Edge Stencils has a variety of small flowers stencils that you can use, so be sure to stop by and buy your favorite flower stencil.

Last but not least, Sarah created this very simple yet beautiful wall art canvas. It looks lovely with her white furniture and provides a punch of blue color to the room as well. If you are loving all of these projects as much as we arepersonalized father's day gifts, be sure to stop by Sarah Ortega blog for all of the details, as well as more wonderful projects!

As you can see, there are so many great?craft project options when it comes to our flower stencils (and all of our stencils for that matter)! Not only is the Zinnia Grande flower stencil completely reusable, but it is one of our most affordable stencils, starting at only $13.95. You will definitely get your money’;s worth with this beautiful flower stencil.

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I’m a huge fan of acorns and all the wonderful crafty things you can do with them but unfortunately, I live in a part of the United States that is known more for desert cacti than for towering oaks.?I’m usually so envious of people who say they just walk down the street picking up acorns but not any more! Consumer Crafts has these great packages of acorns that are totally reasonable and so easy to craft with…and you don’t have to worry about any little critters catching a ride in your seeds. ??

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T.G.I.F. ?Seriously. ?This week has been a killer! ?But it’s slated to be a gorgeous weekend around here, and I also have a fabulous new accessory to show you how to make today. ?All this craziness in my household has translated to MUST USE HAMMER. ?I’ve been playing around with a few hammered wire designs lately, and I finally hit on a design and supplies that I feel 100% comfortable encouraging beginners to try out – I’m excited to share with you how to make hammered wire jewelry. ?I started with earrings today, but I love them so much you better believe this will be part of a matched set, I’m thinking next week I’ll play with a few other designs!