personalized father's day gifts Modern Bedroom Ideas 7- A Touch of Romance funny cushion covers

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To many people their bedroom is their sanctuary, it is the room they go to when they want to relax and get away from it all, a little oasis in the whole of the house. Then it will come as no surprise that many people want to enhance their bedroom by adding a touch of romantic ambience. If you sit back and think about it for a moment, just by making a few simple changes to your bedroompersonalized father's day gifts, which do not have to be expensive, you will be able to bring about an enchanting room that sets the mood you want to achieve.

Just by adding a few flowers in the room will change the tone, and it doesn't really matter if they are fresh flowers or if they are artificial. Placing them in different arrangements and in different vases will bring another dimension to your room. If you get hold of a cylinder vase, and then place inside it a single orchid, this will add a touch of romance and it is but a simple thing to do.

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Take a touch of romance a little further, and add some subtle lighting, the use of lighting can create some very special moods and if you do not want to go to the expense of installing the lighting there is another simple and cost-effective way of achieving ambient lighting. Just place strategically some candles in the room and you will find that this can bring about an atmosphere of true intimacy. If you place the candles near a mirror this will give a reflective effect that can be very relaxing.

Another subtle hint you can do is make use of romantic fabrics, they do not have to be expensive but can make your room so much more inviting. Nowadays silk curtain fabric is easy and inexpensive to get hold of, and once you hang the fabric in your windows or around your bed as a faux four-poster, it will make the whole difference to your bedroom.

Finish by lavishing the bed with boudoir styled cushions and throws and placing beautiful thick piled rugs either side of the bed. With just a little imagination and with the use of a splash of paint you will be able to liven up the room. To keep a romantic feeling going, it is best to steer away from bold colours, instead use muted tones and pastel colours. These colours will bring serenity and a relaxing feel and will add to the overall touch of romance you want to bring into your bedroom.

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