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You may not fancy orange in your bedroom, however, it's a great colour choice for a child's bedroom – bridging the gap between stereotypical pink for girls and blue for boys very nicely. This boldpersonalized father's day gifts, vibrant colour offers a cheerful bedroom which has a natural warmth and glow, furthermore it can be used as the main colour or as an accent with excellent results irrespective of the size of the bedroom.

As orange is achieved by mixing red and yellow together it makes logical sense to use these two colours as accent colours, however, if you want to make the room more suitable for boys then blue and orange are a winning colour combination. For an orange room with a leaning towards girls pops of pink or green are great ways to bring vibrancy to the room.

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Of course orange teams perfectly with white for an easy way to keep up to-date with your child's fads and fancies! Remember that it's more economical to use cheap duvet covers in orange than to re-decorate an entire room next year or when the fad for orange wears off. Similarly orange can be used with black to create a more sophisticated bedroom for teenagers and can also help to come to a compromise when you teen asks for an entirely black bedroom! Duvet covers sets, bed throws and cheap cushions can transform the look of a room.

These can be plain or patterned depending on the wishes of your child or teen. Although TV characters on duvet covers is a common request with youngsters plain or patterned offers you more in the way of flexibility and longevity. Look for reversible duvet sets as these are also a cost effective method to swap the look of a bedroom.

If you opt for orange coloured window blinds make sure they are the styles operated by wands rather than pull cords to lower any possible choking hazards – if the blinds do have pull cords make sure you tuck them behind the top header rail and out of the way of inquisitive fingers. Orange bedroom rugs will provide a soft play area, as well as adding to the overall style of the room. If you're making your own curtains you could use the leftover remnants of fabric to use on the edges of the rug – this will help to tie the room together to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing room children will adore.

This is an item of clothing which can also be made from left over fabric.

We have been in our home long enough that it seems like it’s time to go through and do some “tweaking” to a lot of the rooms. This pink girls bedroom was one of those rooms.

Designer Payal Khandwala’s Mumbai home is an oasis of calm. We’d like to move in!