personalized father's day gifts How to Use Tangerine Tango in Your Bedroom funny cushion covers

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This warm and inviting colour is ideal for giving your bedroom a quick and easy update. Rather than going to the expense and hassle of redecorating you can add tangerine tango to bedding, accessories and furniture to bring a fresh new look in no time at all. As this colour is naturally warm it's a great way to help you save on heating bills this winter – likewise for those who use air conditioning in the summer the colour will add a zesty punch helping the room to look fresh and cool.

Orange coloured duvet cover sets and bed throws are probably the easiest way of using this colour in your bedroom. Whether you opt for plain or patterned duvet covers is a matter of personal choice and what suits the style of your room. For example, traditional interiors may look better with a pattern to liven the room up – try not to go to 'loud' with the pattern otherwise you run the risk of making the room look overpowering and cramped.

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For modern and contemporary interiors plain and the use of different textures will add impact to the room without encroaching too much on its overall style. Texture plays a very important role in interior design. Without using a variety of different textures rooms can look flat and bland. Look for cheap duvet covers in the January bedding sale with a contrasting trim on the pillow casespersonalized father's day gifts, alternatively today's latest designs in bed throws will enable you to choose different textured fabrics which will add style and depth to your room.

Candlewick bedspreads and throws are definitely outdated, so look for other fabrics such as brushed fleece or quilted bedspreads with embroidery detailing if you feel the cold or finer fabrics such as organza or faux silk if the bed throw is to be used purely for aesthetic style. As orange is such a dominant colour you can easily tone things down by using white or the palest of creams as your main colour. The flashes of orange will add interest to your bedroom while it remains firmly on-trend.

Other colour combinations also work well, for a dramatic, yet elegant look team orange with black furniture, or travel back to the 1970s-80's and coordinate with dark chocolate brown. If you're adventurous with your choice of colours zesty orange and citrus lime will add a real 'kick' to the the look of your bedroom. Alternatively go for a Mediterranean theme and use a terracotta orange teamed with bright azure blue.

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