personalized father's day gifts Holiday Stocking Post with The Home Depot DIY Workshop pillow covers farmhouse

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This Holiday Stocking Post project is sponsored by The Home Depot #DIYWorkshop.

Hey friends! Have you ever been to a DIY workshop at your local Home Depot? Did you know they offer DIY workshops in every single Home Depot location? Isn't that amazing? As you know, I'm a big fan of DIYing and I'm lucky that I received DIY training from a very, very early age :) You see, my mom and step-dad DIYed well…;everything. They simply couldn't afford to hire home improvement projects out, so they did it themselves. I helped with paintingpersonalized father's day gifts, wallpapering, etc. once I was old enough to hold a paint brush. And I'm super grateful because even though I can afford far more than my parents ever could, I just don't like to hire jobs when I can do them myself. I get a whole lot of gratification out of doing something myself AND by saving money in the process.

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But I realize not everyone was trained as a DIYer during their childhoods :) That's why I love that Home Depot offers its free DIY workshops so that everyone can become a DIYer if they want to! You'd be surprised how learning just a few new skills will give you the confidence to start tackling more and more DIY jobs in your home.

Next Monday, I'm participating in a super fun DIY workshop virtual party here on my blog, and a bunch of my awesome DIY friends are joining in the fun, too! We will each be creating this festive Holiday Stocking Post, but of course, we'll each be putting our own creative spin on it.

Home Depot offers three types of workshops: Do It Yourself (DIY), Do It Herself (DIH) and Kids! These classes are for all ages and experience levels. Click below for more information about upcoming DIY workshop offerings at your local store!

Next Monday all the bloggers that are participating will be revealing our creative takes on the Holiday Stocking Post–;it's going to be a “;DIY workshop virtual party”;! So many amazing bloggers are participating, but I'm partial to the team I am on, which is headed up by the seriously talented Cristina who blogs atRemodelando la Casa. The rest of our team is made up by some of two of my closest friends in blogland, Heather from The Heathered Nest, Lesley from Chaotically Creative and Lisa from Shine Your Light (who I'm excited to get to know better)!

For now, I have to say goodbye so I can go actually make my holiday stocking post! I have a clear picture of it in my head and let's just say, it's going to be AWESOME. I'm off to build :)

pillow covers farmhouse

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