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 personalized father's day gift     |      2020-01-20 11:53

It’;s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.? At least on my porch.? Still lots to do, but it’;s coming along. This year I decided to let Lowe’;s help me.? I needed simple decorations for Christmas that look amazing, but are fuss free.?? I love my new wreath (it lights up) with the red accents to match my door.? I added 2 silver pine cone ornamentspersonalized father's day gifts, because I just can’;t leave things as they are.? It’;s sickness…;…;..really.? When I went back to pick up more items, I saw this AMAZING boxwood wreath that they just got in! I may still have to go grab one.

personalised gifts

I also found 2 Nut Crackers.? I thought they’;d look kinda cute on my porch. And filling my planters with their shatter free ornaments seemed like the perfect idea.? We’;ll be adding an evergreen garland around the door where the lights are.

I love the traditional look of a garland trimmed door. Cute Maybelline had to get in on the decorating. (She’;s a labradoodle and she’;s perfect)

(looking at my wreath, it’;s a bit catty whompis…;…;but it’;s bendable, so I can reposition it anyway I need)

I grabbed 2 smaller wreaths for my chairs. They come in a pack of two! Not very functional, but it’;s cute! And no one sits there anyway in the winter.

My Favorite part is hanging a wreath on the gate my husband made for me. Red Berry Wreath…;…;.never goes out of style. Nice pop of color.? And there’;s that darling pup again, she thinks I’;m going to take her in the back yard to throw the ball.

I picked up all my outdoor holiday items at Lowes. They’;ve got a large selection and it sure made it simple for me!

Have you signed up for the Lowe’;s Creative Ideas Magazine?? It’;s free and it always has great ideas.

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