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 personalized father's day gift     |      2020-03-09 05:55

Today I’;m over at Tatertots &; Jello sharing a tutorial for this fun DIY Summer Pillow Sleeve! ? I love the idea of simple projects that you can use to easily change up the decor in your home for the seasons. ?This pillow sleeve is sooo easy to stitch up, it only has TWO seams!

Make one now for summer then make another one in the Fall! ?I can see in my head Halloweenpersonalized father's day gifts, Thanksgiving and Christmas pillow sleeves too! The sleeve is made by freezer paper stenciling on burlap- I’;ve included a file that you can upload into your favorite electronic cutting software. To download it visit the templates page.

burlap pillow cover diy

Even though this pillow’;s not weather proof I love how it looks outside on my deck. I might just have to make one next out of outdoor fabric!

Hop on over to Tatertots &; Jello today to get the full tutorial!!

Here’;s a link to the fabric I used if you’;d like to make your own:

Amy Butler Love Bliss Bouquet Teal

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After the big chill of winter, your outdoor living areas probably could use a little TLC. What if we told you there was a simple way to give your outdoor decor an instant makeover? The answer lies in one word: stripes.

Both my husband and son have been hit by Spring colds which gave me a reason to try making DIY Vicks Shower Soothers. Remember those? ?We used to use them when my son was small, but I wasn’t able to find them this past week.

The leather armchair is a timeless home addition. Much like the leather jacket or even an Aston Martin, the leather armchair transcends style and no matter what guise it comes in, exudes effortless cool. And what’s more, it has a unique selling point in that one will only get better with age as it takes on that beautiful patina that we know and love- a leather armchair never gets old, it becomes distinguished. One of the very few items of furniture able to unit lovers of all interior styles in mutual appreciation, the leather armchair is short hand, or better yet, a knowing wink to guests in your home that says “I know my stuff”!