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While I’;m in New Orleans (you can follow along with hashtag #TCBinNOLA), I have a team of amazing bloggers holding the fort down. Please welcome Kim from Stuffed Suitcase?who is sharing this fun DIY Earth Day Crayon Craft?with you! This is a?great craft for kids!??Keeping kids busy is always key! You may also like these 30 Stuck Inside Games for Kids for when you need more ideas! ?If you’;re looking for more great craft blogs like Stuffed Suitcase, check out this list of 50 Amazing Craft Blogs.?

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On April 22nd this year it will be the 45th annual Earth Day. This is a great time to take a moment to consider what your environmental footprint is, and perhaps even do a little activity like this DIY Earth Day Crayon Craft with your kids. Today I’;m sharing a fun free printable and craft for you to do with your kids to celebrate Earth Day.

One of the big messages of environmental responsibility has always been reduce, reusepersonalized father's day gifts, recycle, so my activity goes along with that slogan. We’;re going to make some earth day crayons from old broken blue and green crayons, then place them on a cute printable that is perfect for giving as a classroom gift or for friends. ? ? ?

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Start off by collecting as many blue and green crayons as you can, then remove all the paper wrapping from them. It works best if you have a variety of blues and greens, not all the same color. You’;re going to break them up into small pieces, about 3/4″; pieces.

I purchased a muffin tin for $5 so I wouldn’;t have to use our food use one. It’;s up to you on what you want to do. I really wanted the clean smooth edges which is why I purchased the tin. I’;ve heard before that you can line the tin cups with foil, but I worried on whether the foil would get bent into the crayons. It was worth $5 to have a dedicated crayon making tin.

1) Heat your oven to 280 degrees. Add your crayon pieces to the tins, I put around 15-20 1/2″; to 3/4″; pieces in each cup. The more you put in, the thicker the final crayon will be which will help prevent breaking.

2) Bake for 10-12 minutes.

3) Carefully remove from oven and allow to cool for about an hour.

4) Place in freezer for about an hour. This will help contract the wax from the sides of the tin and they crayons will pop out. Just be sure you are careful or they could break when you flip them over to drop out. Perhaps you’;ll want to use a cookie sheet on top of the tin when you flip it, so the crayons only just drop out.

Allow them to rest for a couple of minutes then use a towel (paper towel or old towel in case of crayon marks) to remove condensation from crayon.

Affix them with some tape to this cute Earth Day 2015 printable, and you’;ve created a fun craft while also reusing something old!

Download Earth Day Printable Here.

Hope you enjoy this fun Earth Day craft and that it helps you teach and remind your kids to be kind to our environment!

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