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Hello friends! You may remember that this time last year, I participated in the Knock Out Knock Off series with some of my very talented friends {click here to see my other knock off projects}! #knockoutknockoffs Well, it’s that time again this year! Since May I have beenparticipating in the Knock Out Knock Off series with a phenomenal group of talented bloggers. Each month, we will be bringing you knock off projects from some of your favorite retailers: Anthropologie, Land of Nod, CB2 and Crate and Barrel. This month, we are tackling projects inspired by CB2. Buckle your seat belts….you are in for a treat! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PROJECTS FROM MY FRIENDS AT THE END OF THIS POST–THEY ARE AWESOME!

I don't know about youpersonalized father's day gifts, but we have an earbud and USB cord problem in our house. We are an Apple family, so we have many Apple devices, including phones and computers, so we have lots of USB cords and earbuds around. I always keep some in my purse and Joe keeps some in his work bag. And frankly, we were sick of them getting all tangled up. So, I decided to make my own DIY earbud holder and am excited to share the tutorial with you. This post contains some affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you order something after clicking a link–;it will not cost you any extra! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

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I was inspired bythese awesome “;cord tacos”; from CB2 {you can also find them here on Amazon for the same price and free shipping if you are a Prime member}.

Now, these tacos are not expensive. I mean, you get 5 of them for $29.95. BUT, I did not really want mine to say, “;This is ground.”; Maybe I am not high brow enough to get what that means, but I totally don't get it {I think it may just be the name of the company}. Plus, I have always enjoyed leather crafting since I did it at camp as a kid, so I definitely wanted to make my own so that I could customize them. They are supereasy to make and the personalization options are endless. Read on to learn how to make your own DIY earbud holder!

1) Start by cutting a piece of leather to size. Wrap up whatever earbuds or USB cable you want it to hold and make sure the leather piece is large enough to fold in half around it, being sure to leave enough room for the snap at the top edge. I chose to stick with a rectangle shape, but you could choose a taco shape if you want.

2) Once your leather is cut to size, punch a small hole in each side of the leather where the poles of the snap pieces will go. I used the snap pole itself to punch the hole, which eliminated the need to purchase a hole starter tool and it worked just fine. I used a piece of scrap wood to work on so that I did not damage my kitchen table with all the hammering.

3) Next, attach your snaps by following the instructions on the package. The directions differ somewhat depending on what size and brand you are using. But, it should be fairly straight forward and easy.

4) Now you are ready to personalize your DIY earbud holder by stamping it with whatever text you want. I stamped mine with my initials. Joe preferred to have his name. The possibilities are endless. Just dampen the area that you will be stamping, position the stamp and hammer away :) I added the middle letter first, so that I could center it beneath the snap.

That's it! Can you believe how easy it is? And I adore how they turned out. Have a look.

In the end, I spent more TOTAL money than I would have to purchase them from CB2, but the cost per unit is less since I only have to invest in the tools once. And I am quite certain I have many friends and family that will be getting one or more of these for gifts. Plus, you can use the tools for all kinds of leather crafts. My creative juices are flowing already.

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pillow covers farmhouse

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