personalized father's day gifts DIY Concrete Table Top – 2 Years Later pillow covers farmhouse

 personalized father's day gift     |      2019-11-28 21:57

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OK –; so for the nitty gritty.? Here are the answers to common questions I get asked about this crazy DIY project.

accent pillow case baby canvas floor

Pretty darn well.? And let me remind you.? This table has withheld: paint, play doh, meal time, craft projectspersonalized father's day gifts, crayons, markers, and so much more (my twins are 4.5 years old).

This table top never had the perfectly smooth, poured concrete look.? It wasn’;t in the cards for me and my patience level.? I’;m actually really glad that the concrete had some texture to it.? As the concrete has worn, it has only added to the character of the table.

There is only one spot where the concrete has chipped away, showing the wood underneath.

Not to mention the dents from that time my son went to town with a meat tenderizer.? Character, right!?!?!

I just use a mild cleaner (like Method or Mrs. Meyers) other times I just use vinegar/water mixture.? The concrete sealer is so easy to clean!

Yes!? I don’;t think this will be our “;forever”; kitchen table, but it has been the perfect solution while the twins are young.? My hope is to use this table in a craft room/home office when we upgrade to a large home –; then I will invest in our “;forever”; table.? For now, this is perfect.

I would have been more patient with the sanding, especially on the edges and under side of the table, now that I know how much use this table has gotten. The extra work would have been worth it.

Also –; if I could have chosen, I would not do this to a table that had a leaf.? Many people have asked me if the concrete cracks.? The answer is yes –; one small crack right down the middle where the divide for the leaf was located:

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