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Good morning, my crafty friends.? Mother’;s Day is right around the corner and do you know what Cutting Edge Stencils thinks your mama would love this year?? Her very own Paint-A-Pillow kit! We’;re pretty sure that crafty woman in your life would enjoy a pillow kit that comes with everything for her to make a custom accent pillow.?? Let’;s take a look at today’;s inspirational pillow projects.

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We’;d like to introduce Julie, the creative DIY blogger behind Julie is Coco and Cocoa.? Julie admits to loving bold colors in her house.? She attributes her bright color enthusiasm to her husbands gift for interior design.? The color scheme for her home is a bit nontraditional, like the orange couch in her living room. But finding the right accessories for her bold space can be a challenge.? That’;s where Paint-A-Pillow steps in.?? Julie browsed the site and fell in love with a geometric patternpersonalized father's day gifts, the Outside of the Box Paint-A-Pillow kit. She selected two white pillow covers and Jacquard Fabric Paint in Orange, Violet, and Neutral Gray.?? We’;re going to give you a quick glimpse of her colorful accent pillows and then spill the beans on how to recreate it.

Julie was happy to receive her kit in the mail and started crafting as soon as she had it. She poured her Neutral Gray Jacquard Fabric paint into a foam tray.? She chose to paint part of the pattern using a stencil brush.? ** If you are painting with more than one color, we always suggest starting with the lighter color first.

Julie was careful to not overload the brush because this would cause the paint to bleed under the stencil.? After the gray was painted, she painted the orange and then the purple.

When the pillow was completely painted, Julie was ready to lift the metal tabs to release the stencil and reveal the painted pattern.

To make her pillow washable, Julie ran a warm iron over the painted pillow to heat set the pattern.

And that’;s how she did it folks! Here are her stenciled accent pillows.

See how much Ranger, the adorable kitty, loves these brightly stenciled pillows?? Well he’;s not the only one! Looks like this kiddo finds them super comfy!

Tell us: What color would you paint this fun geometric pattern? Leave us a comment below!

Looking for more Paint-A-Pillow fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!

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