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 personalized father's day gift     |      2020-03-05 16:25

Hi, I am back again with some final touches for my Leeloo Dallas costume, my Cosplay costume accessories.

Recently I have become a red headpersonalized father's day gifts, but I wasn’t willing to permanently make the plunge to blonde roots and fire engine red tips. This meant that I was going to need a wig. I purchase a sherbet orange colored wig on Amazon and made a few modifications. I was lucky to find supplies I needed at Savers, a local resale shop. I found a Styrofoam head, and temporary hairspray in yellow and red. I sprayed a thick coat of the yellow on the roots of the wig and then blended it through. I turned the head upside down and colored the tips with the red hairspray. It was starting to take shape. To give the wig a more dreaded look, I used Elmers? glue like styling gel. While the wig was on the Styrofoam head I let everything dry.

personalized gifts for dad

The last thing on my list of things to make was the Multipass holder. I had grand ideas for this one since the ones used in the movie have this great futuristic plastic case. I know people with 3D printers, but wasn’t prepared to really get that much involved, plus I wanted to use the sewing and embroidery machine as much as possible.

First, I found a template online for the identification and used that with my own picture and measurements. The site that had the template also had a photo of the multipass holder. I traced the Multipass holder from the photo and digitized it in the BERNINA DesignWorks software. Ultimately I used the CutWork tool on my BERNINA 880 and cut the shapes needed. I secured everything together using Elmers? glue.

I think I’m ready for four fun days in New York City. Stop by the Javits center October 8 – 12 and visit the BERNINA booth #965 to see my costume in person,? test out our BERNINA 215 Simply Red to see if it can sew through some wacky materials or sign up for the mailing list for a chance to win a BERNINA 215.

Happy New Year!!!

Hi everyone! Julie Eilber from here with tips for summer sewing. I’m ready to jazz up my wardrobe with some new makes—how about you? These are some of the new patterns I’ve been eyeing:

Each summer we take our grandchildren for a few days and have “camp.” We move in a camper, fire pit, sleeping bags, pillows, swimsuits, and lots of snacks. This year we added two great-nieces and two more grandmas!