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Today I’;m going to share with you a?curved top cosmetic bag?sewing pattern that would make a great gift for a teenager on your list (it would also be pretty fun to make for an adult too!)

I’;m the mom of 3 teenagers who loves to sew, I will readily admit that the day they didn’;t want me to make them dresses for church anymore was a sad one for me. ?I wasn’;t quite ready to stop creating?things for them and soon realized that instead of not sewing for them anymore I just needed to alter what I was making. ?Now I feel pretty passionately about the subject, why just give that newborn baby a handmade quilt? ?The teenagers in our life need our love just as much as that new baby.

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The pouch is made from woolpersonalized father's day gifts, but you can also use cotton if you use wool just make sure it’;s lightweight.?For an extra bit of detail, I added a simple black bow to the front and a touch of leather to the bottom.

Here you can see the same pattern stitched up in brighter fabrics:

If you’;d like to make one too, here’;s what you’;ll need (includes affiliate links):

All seam allowances are 1/2″; unless otherwise noted.

From the pattern piece cut:

Press the shape flex onto the wrong side of the pouch outside pieces. If you’;re using wool this will help keep the pouch from stretching out of shape as you sew it.

Place the cut foam piece behind the cut pouch outside piece. ?Pin the right side of the zipper to the right side of the pouch along the top arch. ?The zipper is longer?than the pouch, that is okay.

Next, place the pouch lining piece on top so that the right side of the lining is facing the wrong side of the zipper. Pin in place. (You’;ll have lots of pins).

Next, stitch through all the layers using your zipper foot, use the width of your zipper foot as a guide, your seam allowance should be between 1/4″; –; 3/8″;. ?Stitch with the foam side up so that the feed dogs on your machine will help to feed the lining piece through evenly.

Clip the curve.

Repeat for the other side of the zipper.

When you’;re done you’;ll have a piece that looks like this.

Take a second and zip it up to make sure that you’;ve inserted the zipper correctly.

Unzip the zipper halfway.

Bring the pouch outside pieces together right sides facing and stitch along the bottom seam only. Press seam open

Take the leather piece and apply a bit of glue to the wrong side of it. Stick it onto the bottom seam of the pouch centered and covering the bottom seam. ?Secure it in place with binding clips if you have them.

Insert the leather needle into your machine. Very slowly stitch around the perimeter of the leather piece. Remove the leather needle from your machine and insert a standard needle.

Pin the right sides of the pouch outside piece together (including the foam) and pin the right sides of the pouch lining together.

Stitch around the perimeter of the pouch leaving a 3″; opening in the lining piece so that you can turn the pouch right side out. ?Leave the cut out square shapes in the corners unstitched. Be careful not to “;catch”; any of the pouch in the seam as you sew. You’;ll have to stitch inward and pivot when you get to the point with the zipper.

Pinch all 4?corners of the pouch and stitch 1″; up from the cut raw edges. Cut off the extra part of the zipper.?Turn the pouch right side out. ?Stitch the opening in the lining closed.

“;Guesstimate”; how large you’;d like the bow on the front of your pouch. Cut a piece of ribbon twice that length. Fold raw ends of the ribbon to the center and using a needle and thread stitch together pulling slightly on the thread as you go. Fold a piece of ribbon in half and wrap it around the bow at the center point. Whip stitch in place. ?Cut a piece of ribbon slightly longer than your finished bow. Clip the edges. Stitch to the wrong side of the bow you made and then sew it to the front of the pouch.

and you’;re DONE!

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