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Hi everyone!

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Well our precious baby girl is growing like a weed, and so is her hair! I find myself constantly pushing her bangs towards the side of her head. I really don’;t want to put any clips in her hair for now as I’;m a bit scared they will fall off and she’;ll place them in her mouth as she flips and flops like a fish out of water! Now that she’;s crawling, she’;s even more flippy and floppy…;.so what’;s a mom to do? Ahhh! The solution: elastic headbands =) A quick 2 minute project…;.here’;s how:

Take a piece of sewing elastic (I like the 1\4 inch kind) and just wrap it around the baby’;s head (do not pull or stretch) to get the amount of elastic you need. After cutting the piecepersonalized father's day gifts, simply hand sew or stitch in place the two ends. Next, gather some ribbon or whatever embellishment you prefer and just hot glue (like I did) or run a stitch to attach the ribbon\embellishment to the headband.

That’;s it! Pretty huh? It only took a couple of minutes =) Now just show off your beautiful baby wearing it!

Until next time, happy headband making!

Learning?the art of upholstery and re-covering?furniture?is one step in the DIY direction that can be pretty intimidating. Going for a simple shape is a great place to start and get your feet wet before tackling a more complicated project like a chair or headboard.

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