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 personalized father's day gift     |      2020-03-05 00:22

We don't know about you guys, but in our experience, bandanas are pretty cool. I mean, if John Wayne can wear 'em, then we're down.

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There's nothing cooler than this guy. Seriously. Try to find me one. You can't.

All kidding aside (because you can't joke about The Duke), bandanas are a must-have for your little ones. They're versatile and multi-functional, and are better than just for using as a bib.

Our Kinderspel bandana scarves are probably not John Wayne's stylepersonalized father's day gifts, but if they'd been around when he was a toddler, we'd like to think he'd have given some of these styles a shot.

These bandana bibs aren't just good for catching food spills. They're organic cotton so they won't irritate skin, and they have a two snap closure so they'll grow with your baby, too.

Okay, that's great! But you still haven't told us what you'd use them for. So tell us!


They're great for catching drool, too. Really, who wants big ol' wet stains on cute onsies and shirts and dresses when littles are teething? Nah, just add the cutest accessory ever and prevent it from happening in the first place.

(Side note - drool rash is painful and irritating, and theBotanical Therapy Calendula Stick is SO amazing at helping.)

These bandanas are also pretty great for the chilly months. Scarves are kind of annoying. They can slip off and fall down, and infinity ones can tighten up pretty quickly, and we all know that's not great for kids. So why not give them an adorable bandana to keep out the wind and cold weather? (Just so you know, we haveregular ones andminky ones, which are ridiculously soft and warm, for a heavier scarf feel for the winter.)

Seriously. Check this little guy out. He's stylin', and you know you want your little to rock that bandana!

Because how important is style?

Okay, obviously when it comes to littles functionality tends to be a little more important than fashion, but we've made it possible to have both. They're going to be adorable and warm, clean, and dry. And not only that, but we've got other matching accessories, like snap-back hats, shoes, and little backpacks. Check out the whole line of Kinderspel apparelHERE.

But look at the bandanas here, (click on that cute picture, please!) so you can see how many options you have for you little to the be the cutest one on the block all year round. Not to mention that they're made from 100% organic cotton, so rest assured that it is safe for even sensitive skin, making them adorable andmom-approved.

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