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 personalized father's day gift     |      2019-09-29 10:26

Display your old boards as wall art; with their fabulous designs and colours they’re really eye-catching.

These awesome stairs are made from undecorated skateboards.

accent pillow case baby canvas rug

Cool shoes rack makes neat work of disused skateboards. This trendy bench is perfect of internal or external use.

Creative object are an excellent way to keep your old skateboard in visual sight. Beautiful jewellery can also be made from pieces of old skateboard. Sanded and smoothed they’re ideal for rings, earringspersonalized father's day gifts, bangles and pendants.

Treat your pet to a raised feeding and water bowl made from your old skateboard.

Bring back childhood memories by transforming your board into a garden swing. Awesome skateboard ceiling light - amazing how the wheels become the light bulbs.

Now this really is thinking outside the box. Pieces of old skateboard have been used to create this astonishing kitchen back-splash, which is wipe clean and water resistant due to the properties of the boards.

You don’t have to wear your heart on your sleeve when your old board needs replacing - simply wear it on your face with these ultra-cool sun glasses. Replace the blades on your ceiling fan with shaped skateboard pieces and you’ll be able to feel the breeze of riding indefinitely.

A little more subdued but having a keyring made out of an old skateboard is a great way to carry it around with you - far less burdensome than the board itself!

Let young children enjoy your old skateboard in the form of a pull-along toy - a wonderful rainbow of colours for kids too.

It is the final segment of of the BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt Along! I know many of you have been waiting for this because you have posted pictures of your progress in my Facebook Group. I’ve been so excited by the progress you’ve been making! Seriously, having so many people sew along with me on a project like this makes my heart sing!

Last week I shared with you how to make this pillow,

Hello, WeAllSew readers –?The rumors are true! BERNINA is developing a true long arm product line featuring a 20” model that is suitable for sit-down or frame use and a 24” frame model. For inquiring minds, the image below is an approximation of the machine; below that is a photo of me with a prototype.