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 personalized father's day gift     |      2020-01-16 20:23

Christmas is out, the New Year is in!

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We usually aren’;t the people out whooping it up on NYE, but that didn’;t stop me from wanting to create this cute banner! Banners &; free printables are so perfect for updating holiday decor. This one will also be perfect for any grads this year…;…;.just omit the Happy New Year tag.

I know it’;s hard to tellpersonalized father's day gifts, but I am NOT a graphic designer. ?? ?But I do like messing around with PicMonkey. I’;ll leave the professional designing to my friend Amy at Living Locurto. She also has a fun banner for New Years Eve.?

Notice the purdy sparkly bottle? ?I just HAD to try it out after I uploaded this idea on InspirationDIY. I knew I had a couple of bottles of champagne down in our bar area collecting dust. ?In fact I think we’;ve had this bottle of champagne for about 8 years. Makes for a great decoration if you’;re not going to drink it. I’;ll be sharing a quick tutorial tomorrow. (you can still drink it if you want to, but I wouldn’;t put it in an ice bucket)

Even though we’;re planning to stay home, we’;ll be having a few 14 yr olds over, so I doubt it’;s going to be quiet. I’;ll make up some yummy foods to tame the beasts while they play video games so we adults can enjoy a movie. I’;ll be sharing a delicious dip this week too! You DO NOT want to miss it.

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For some, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas until the tree is trimmed. For others, decorating with a full-size tree is not an option. And that’s okay. So whether you lack the space, the time or the energy this year for full-scale decorating, there are plenty of equally festive (and easier) ways to add merriment to your rooms without a tree. And if you do have a tree, but you’d love ideas for decorating in other rooms, read on.

Hello! I’m Allie, and I’m excited to be here with y’all as a new BERNINA?Ambassador!