DIY Subway Art Idea For the Silhouette-less

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2.? Cut foam or?plywood board?to size desired.?? I used a Fom-Cor board that I?rescued from the compactor at work.

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3.? Cut out all the logos on the bags.??I initially cut?each logo?out?on all sides, I?should have kept them long on the sides. ?This way as you?add the logos?to the board you can cut them to the length?needed to fit the width of the board.

4.?Work outdoors if you are going to use spray glue. I?made this out on my deck. Arrange the logos on the board, playing with the colors and sizes to create visual balance. I placed the larger logos on the bottom and the smaller ones on top.? Leave about a 1/2' on the sides, top and bottom to overlap the edges of the board. Once you like the layout, start from the bottom and begin spraying the back of each logo with spray glue.? Let the glue get tacky before placing on the board.? Smooth each piece with your hand.

5.? Using a staple gunpersonalized gifts for dad, staple the excess of each piece to the edge of the board.

6.?? To protect your logos, evenly spray a few light coats of a protective finish. ?I used this sealer.? I didn't want a shiny look.? Let it dry thoroughly.

7. ?Measure the perimeter of the board and cut ribbon a few inches longer than that measurement.

Decorative tacks

8.? Starting at the top, fold?one end of the ribbon over about an inch.? Press a tack into this starting place.? Wrap ribbon along edge of the board and place?a tack into the board at even intervals until you get back to the starting point.? You can remove the first tack and place the opposite end under the starting end, then press the tack back in. This will give you a finished look.

9.? Place picture hanging hardware on the back and hang.


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