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Easter is upon us'almost! Just over one more week. Have you been doing fun Easter crafts with your kids? Or are you looking to do some? Here is a list of some fun Easter crafts for kids!

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1. Yarn Bunny: ?How cute is this little yarn bunny? ?It's easier than you think!

2. Easter Subway Art: ?Everyone loves a good subway art, and its even better in a jelly bean frame!

3. Sugar String Eggs and Baskets: ?Make your own egg baskets with sugar and string, get the how-to here!

4. Dr. Seuss Lorax Egg: ?Your kids will love making this funny like guy'the Lorax in egg form!

5. DIY No Sew Felt Flower Bracelets: ?Perfect for those little creative ladies in your lifepersonalized father's day gifts, make some springy flower bracelets'they're no-sew!

6. Pom Pom Easter Eggs: ?all things pom pom are just delightful, right? ?How about some pom pom Easter eggs??

7. Bunny Crayon: ?Your kids will love making and coloring with these bunny shaped crayons!

8. Chocolate Egg Topiary: ?Your guests will want to eat this yummy centerpiece!

9. Chalkboard Eggs: ?I love the simplicity of these eggs and also so versatile'your kids can be super creative again and again!

10. Peeps Topiary: ?Who doesn't love these sugary and colorful little guys? ?It's like a cheerleader pyramid!

11. Paint Pen Eggs: ?For those little tinies who can't quite do the egg dying, this is perfect!

12. Bunny Vases: ?I need to make one of these asap! ?I die with cuteness!

13. Pom Pom Chick: ?You can't say no to those eyes, I mean really. ?'Make me, you must make me!'

14. Pom Pom Chicks, Bunnies, &; Tic Tac Toe Garden: ?Obviously I can't get enough of pom poms and they can come in every shape and form!

15. Easter Egg Bunnies: ?This is a great craft for toddlers and require not as much adult help.

16. Easter Watercolor Art: ?So pretty and festive for spring!

These are some great ideas for spring Crafts for kids! What are you going to do?

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